Ordering system

Trivec's mobile ordering system

With Trivec Mobile you streamline table orders at your restaurant

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Ordering system

Efficient table ordering

With Trivec Mobile you can take orders at the tables and send them directly to the kitchen. You can split checks and move checks between tables. This streamlines your order workflow and your employees don’t have to go back and forth to your POS system to place an order to the kitchen.

Order at the table
Trivec Mobile order system

Improve your service and logistics at your restaurant

Trivec Mobile simplifies the logistics and service at your restaurant. As a waiter you can easily send a notification to the kitchen to start preparing the next dish, to make sure your guests don’t have to wait too long for their food. You can also use Trivec Mobile to get information about different articles which is useful when getting questions about your menu such as ingredients. This saves a lot of time for waiters as they can continue to be with the guests instead of going back and forth to the POS system.

Split the bill or put it on the hotel room

If you run a restaurant in a hotel, your guest can put the bill on the hotel room and pay when they check out. Of course, you can u se Trivec Mobile split bills and move bills between different tables.

Split bills put in on the room

Why should you choose Trivec Mobile?

1. Easy to use

You do not need any technical knowledge, the system is intuitive and user-friendly.

2. Increased efficiency

Simplifies and streamlines for the waiters to take orders at the tables and send it to the kitchen.

3. Improved service

Improved service as the waiters can be more accessible to the guests

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