POS System

A tailored POS system for restaurants, bars and cafés

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POS System

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Restaurants and bars

  • Combine multiple checkouts and kitchens

  • Works offline; allows for sync and backup

  • 24/7 support by experienced staff

Cafés and foodtrucks

  • Easy and efficient POS system

  • Easy to install − plug and play

  • Support for Samsung Pay and Apple Pay

Chains and hotels

  • Centralized controls

  • Automated sales reports

  • System for complex environments

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Mobile solutions for iPad, iPhone and iPod

Increase your effectivity while keeping costs down with the help of our mobile solutions for iOS. Take orders at the table and send them directly to the kitchen, receive payments, split checks, and print receipts right at the table. Employees will never need to stand at the register, and efficiency and service will improve.

Trivec kassasystem Ipad och mobillösning
My Trivec webbtjänst

Increasing revenue by using smart insights

With My Trivec web service, you have all of your sales data in one place. You can easily add additional data points such as warehouse information, staffing data, and bookkeeping indices to get a clear view of how your business is doing and what needs to be taken care of.

Manage your business from a single platform

Manage all of your logistics from one place — from reservations and table management to orders and payments, it’s all done from a single convenient platform. For larger businesses with several restaurants, you have centralized control that can allocate authorization rights, easily streamlining the work of what should be done locally at the restaurant and what should be done centrally in terms of prices, menus, special items, etc.

Trivec kassasystem
Kassasystem Trivec Ipadlösning

Facilitate restaurant logistics

Our comprehensive POS solution includes an easy-to-use and clear table management system that quickly shows which tables are available. You can send the bill directly to the card terminal so you don’t need to use only one checkout spot. This system makes it easy for guests to pay at the table and waitstaff can print a receipt for your guests right then and there. It’s also no problem if guests decide to split the bill.

An easy and efficient system for your staff

Our POS system is incredibly easy to work with; we strive to make everything simple to use, giving you the ability to complete tasks in a few keystrokes — for instance, you can charge for an item with just two clicks of a button. You can also control access rights to determine who should see what, making the workflow more efficient by only displaying relevant options and information depending on who is using the system.

Trivec kassasystem Ipad och mobillösning

As customers, it is clearly easier for us to work with Trivec than with our previous vendor. An added advantage is that many of our newly hired employees already know their system, as it is found in many other places.

- Anders Winblad, COO Nordic Restaurant Group.

Anders Winblad, COO Hard Rock Café

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