Beverage system

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Beverage system

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Increased control

  • All beverage expenditures are recorded

  • You can easily tell in the POS system what has been paid for

Reduce losses and waste

  • Always pour the right amount

  • No spillover or waste when filling glasses

Better service

  • Fill several glasses at the same time

  • Serve more people at once

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Automatic beer tap

With our automatic beer tap you can set 3 perfectly measured quantities, so any wastage is kept to a minimum. In contrast with a traditional beer tap, we use a pneumatic technology that is beneficial both in terms of quality and durability. Thanks to the link between this high-tech tap and the POS-system you are totally aware of how many units are sold and how many units are actually poured.

Automatic wine system

Our automatic wine system is designed to serve wine in the correct, checked quantity from wine casks (Bag in Box). The customer is always given the correct quantity, chilled or not. Fetching and uncorking bottles is no longer necessary. There is no wastage and the customers are served immediately. The number of drinks can be compared with the number of units sold at any time, since the wine system is integrated with our POS-system.

Vinsystem Trivec
Automatic Bottle Control Trivec

Automatic Bottle Control

The ABC system is designed to ensure that most spirits and aperitifs (with the exception of viscous products such as Baileys) are served in the correct quantities and are checked. The system consists of a control module with activation ring and pouring caps that operate on the principle of a magnetic valve.

There are seven different ABC pouring caps that can be linked to the seven groups, with each group having a maximum of 3 dosages. All bottles are fitted in advance with a pouring spout and are sealed with a shrink seal. This makes visual checks possible so that no drinks can be served out of unregistered bottles.

Speed Rail

The Speedrail enables alcoholic beverages (high runners) to be served in bulk. A dummy bottle of the product being served is fitted to the bar display. The valve is linked by pipes to an installation in the cellar where the alcohol is stored in tanks (18 or 50 litres). Two serving quantities can be set per product. This can be extended to four if necessary.

Speed rail Trivec
Kylsystem för drycker Trivec

Automatic bottle control - refrigerator

This automatic refrigerator has openings at the front from which waiters can take the drinks one by one. The bottles are fed from behind, so the coolest drinks are always served first. Our patented system enables each bottle taken out of the fridge to be registered. The number of drinks actually taken, can be compared with the units sold at any time.

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