We have a large ecosystem of partners where we have ready built integrations into their systems, to facilitate your everyday life as a restaurant owner. If you miss any company or system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hotel and booking system

Samarbetspartner Picasso Techotel

Samarbetspartner Opera

Samarbetspartner Protel

Samarbetspartner Mews

Samarbetspartner Hoistgroup

Invoicing and finance systems

Samarbetspartner Visma

Samarbetspartner Hogia

Samarbetspartner Fortnox

Personnel systems

Samarbetspartner Personalkollen

Samarbetspartner Planday

Samarbetspartner Caspeco


Samarbetspartner Bevinco

Samarbetspartner FreshX


Samarbetspartner Qlik

Samarbetspartner Exopen

Apps and ordering

Samarbetspartner Maitres

Samarbetspartner Intreat

Gift vouchers

Samarbetspartner Goyada

Samarbetspartner Sofos


Samarbetspartner Wasa Kredit


Samarbetspartner Carlsberg

Samarbetspartner Spendrups

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